Monday, February 27, 2012

That 70s Quilt: Cutting

Do you ever put off a project for so long because you simply are afraid to start cutting the fabric? That would be this quilt.

Before and after the Oscars last night, I finally started work on the Alexander Henry In the Kitchen line of fabrics I’m using for a quilt I’ve dubbed That 70s Quilt. After doing a little research, it appears the style I’m going for might actually be more representative of the 1960s. Still, I will see where it goes as I start actually piecing it together.

 Okay, so I have to be honest about one thing; I haven’t actually cut into the Alexander Henry fabric yet. I did, however cut over fifty 10 inch squares of various solids (I used about eighteen or so colors) for the wonky 9-patch blocks. I’m still debating on whether or not to throw in a few surprises as nods to pop-culture during that time into the quilt. We’ll see.

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