Thursday, February 9, 2012


It’s been a while since I made a puppet. Perhaps it is also time to store them properly.

 My husband has been floating around the idea of doing a puppet show, and for it I’d need to create a few more puppet characters. Currently I have five; three small and two large. They are all either unceremoniously tossed inside a bag next to or plopped on top of a bookcase where I keep my fabric stash. It’s sad, really. Perhaps it is time to make stands for them and possibly keep them in the guest room for the time being. Of course, anywhere would be better than decapitated and sandwiched between a quilt and some cotton batting!

I seen some made from simple PVC pipes that seem to work really well. I’m sure something like that would work for the smaller puppets. The larger ones, however, may either need more support or just have to sit on the futon. I think they look pretty good just sitting there. In any case, I’ve got to do something with them other than what I’ve been doing.

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