Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hide and Seek

Seek and you shall find? For me its more like search for hours and you shall be frustrated as all get out because you can’t locate the damn thing.

Nothing frustrates me more than looking for something I know I have and being completely and utterly stupefied as to where it might be. This is especially true when it is something I need that day. Now, I suppose that if I wasn’t famous for procrastinating I’d probably have found what I’m looking for, but alas, waiting until the absolute last minute before I decide to take action is, well, part of my, uh, charm?

Then again, when we were packing everything up last year I thought I had labeled all of the boxes with the contents. Nope, wrong again. Apparently I only did this with the stuff we packed in the months leading up to the eventual move and not the stuff hastily thrown into boxes with labels like “Random Shit” and “Cory’s Stuff”. Something tells me I will probably end up finding it when we move again or whenever we move to a more permanent location. Oy. By then I won’t need it anymore.

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