Sunday, February 5, 2012

Desperate Housewife's Quilt: Block Fourteen

I feared this block. After making it in about an hour, I now have no idea why.

With a bit of time yesterday afternoon after getting most stuff ready for a Super Bowl party we’re attending today and before going to a hockey game last night, I decided I wanted to sew. Looking at the Desperate Housewife’s Quilt Blocks I had printed off, Block Fourteen has been staring at me for months to just cut out the pieces and sew it together. I decided it was time. Perusing my stash from a distance, I decided on using a rather colorful batik for the background since I had already made up my mind about using black and white for the ‘peepers’ as they’re called. I’ve already been using black and white as color balances with the jewel tones of the batiks, but I could have used two of the more solid batiks instead had I wanted to. I didn’t.

With all the pieces cut, it was time to start sewing them all together. I will have to admit that the hardest part was the 1/8” seam for the peepers. If I was a thinking person, I probably would have switched over to a zipper foot, but alas, my brains were obviously intent on finishing just one block and not working properly. It went together rather quickly since I chain stitched each section. Well, by quickly, I only ripped the stitches out of one of the four sections before realizing that yes, I had indeed sewed it correctly and now had to redo it. With only one GRRR… moment, I’m pinning this block as a success. Paying attention, however, is a malfunction I’ll have to work on.

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