Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puppet Bug

I’ve been itching to make a puppet for the past week now, but think I want to start something completely new. If only I had the motivation to do so.

Nothing motivates me more than actually wanting to complete something. This doesn’t happen all too often. For example, the Fall Quilt I’ve been hand quilting I’m taking my time on even though I want this quilt done and be snuggling in it right now! Why? Because I’m trying to relearn the value of patience through needle, thread and thousands upon thousands of stitches. And I’m only doing an extremely super simple quilting pattern!

As for puppets, I think my biggest reason for wanting to make another is that it has been nearly two years since I have. As much as I love the smaller puppets, I’m thinking I want to go bigger like Noah and Shermit, my larger performance pieces. This isn’t to say the smaller guys won’t work for plays because King puppet has been in a high school production, just that I really like the versatility of the larger puppets, and the extra bonus of having to use both hands to perform.

So, what should I make? The obvious answer is a female puppet or at least one with female characteristics since I don’t have one. I’ve made them before, including one for a friend as her Muppet-likeness, but alas, kept none as they were all gifts. However, I really want to make a furry monster puppet too, so I suppose out of the four furs I currently have they will need to work since money will be a rather large factor in this since, well, we don’t have any. I’ve got so much stuff to make them leftover from the previous puppets I’m sure I can come up with something. Now, where did I leave my motivation?

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