Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clumping Cat Litter

For years I’ve been against clumping cat litter because, well, I really hate clay-based litter. Now there is a natural alternative.

While shopping for kitty litter the other day, I decided to take the advice of an article I read at the veterinary clinic about having at least one litter box for each cat in the house filled with whatever litter they normally use, but also have a large open box with clumping cat litter. Well, we have two boxes, one for each cat, and also an extra that we simply keep filled with the same Good Mews newspaper-based litter, so I decided perhaps I should just bite the bullet and see if this works or at the very least helps curb their sometimes nondiscriminatory out-of-the-box urinating habits. Looking over the clumping litters, I figured I’d go with the cheapest reliable brand, which at the time was Arm & Hammer. I was about to lift the twenty pound bag into the cart when I saw a ten pound bag that said it did the same job as the larger one and bonus, it was made with corn fibers and plant extracts instead of clay!

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter has been in use for the last five days in the house and so far there has been absolutely no litter odor, ammonia smell or anything other than a fresh scent. I’ve also noticed that both cats seem to prefer it, as one of the two other litter boxes has been left untouched and the covered one has only had a lonely poop. The only drawback is that while the Good Mews litter leaves large pellets that are easy to pick up, the clumping litter leaves sand-like particles everywhere. I can already tell which one of our cats it is, since he is rather exuberant about scratching after using the litter box. Alas, if the only downfall is that I have to sweep or vacuum more, I’m all for it. That and as long as the price stays low enough to continue using it.

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