Friday, April 13, 2012

Cory versus Hot Glue

Whenever I find myself in a match-up with hot glue, the odds are always in favor of hot glue. It kicks my ass every time.

I both love and despise hot glue. I love it for the incredible binding strength it imparts when applying one thing to another. I hate the strings that inevitably form even though I have properly twirled and pulled. I love how fast it cools and hardens, making it perfect for projects you need to and/or want to work fast on. I hate the burning sensation as I accidentally press my thumb into a hot pile of goo.

Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with hot glue. It goes way back. I’ve been using the stuff since I was a kid and somehow I still never really got the hang of it. Either that or this is just a reality of using hot glue… or maybe I’m just bad at it. While working on the puppets last night I encountered one of the things I hate most about hot glue, and that is the fine strands that form and seem to cling to EVERYTHING!!! I swear I looked like a tweaker, constantly pulling at my eyelashes and brushing my hands through my hair and scratching at my nose and cheeks to rid myself of all those clingy strings. Ugh. I can still feel their phantom essence.

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