Monday, April 9, 2012

Quilts on Display

Seeing all the quilts people brought reminded me how much I love quilting. It also brought out a lot of closet quilters.

Well, to start with, the Open Envelopes Quilt, which for the longest time was dubbed The Uninspired Quilt, everybody loved. So maybe I am just a little too judgmental or perhaps had a few hang-ups about the project itself or some other unresolved issue. Anyway, knowing that other people do like it means I will definitely be keeping it, or at least until I find a purposeful reason to give it away.

I also found that my UFOs (unfinished objects) are nowhere near the amount some people have! One lady brought three of her quilt tops that had yet to be sandwiched, backed and quilted, which worked out great alongside finished quilts. Then again, I did make it a goal to have all my UFOs completed by year’s end and now I am down to only one; the quilt my mother made me for my seventeenth birthday. Okay, well, technically two, but since The Fall Quilt is in the hoop being quilted I don’t necessarily consider that a UFO but a WIP (work in progress) since it is being worked on, just rather slowly.

With the theme of the sermon about quilting as a form of therapy, many of us at church are now considering starting a quilting group. There are so many reasons to do this, whether it is to make memorial quilts for our loved ones, baby blankets for newborns or hospice quilts for those nearing the end of their life. I’m sure this will happen thanks to our pastor, but I don’t know just what form it will take.

Sadly I did not get a picture because I didn’t bring my camera. However, I stole a picture someone took off of Facebook and am now using it without their permission. Hopefully they won’t mind. I’ll ask them later if it is okay.

Photo by Ken Rowe

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