Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today I Make Puppets

Today I make puppets. And tomorrow, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday…

I have three puppets to make for an upcoming school play. While two of them are going to be using my basic puppet pattern I have for sale on Etsy, the third is a four-tentacled Id monster that I will have to make from scratch. While this seems like it might be a challenge, I have a feeling that it will be fun as well. Hopefully. 

To clarify Id, it is the unorganized part of the brain where contrary impulses can exist together without canceling each other out. Think dreams. It is also playable in Scrabble. So basically the limit is only my imagination. This can be difficult to navigate since I have a pretty colorful imagination. I will probably end up doing something similar to one of the previous large puppets I have made in which instead of creating the “skin” first I will create the “skull” and make a “skin” template from that. More than likely the Id monster will be made up of a combination of fleece, upholstery fabric, fake leather and possibly feathers. We will see.

My plan is to get the two easy ones out of the way so I can focus on the big one. Of course, with the return of the rain it might make the parts that all have to be glued together with contact cement more difficult since I don’t want to do that in the house. Hmm… I wonder if my husband’s work bench is cleared off enough to do it out in the garage?

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