Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of Foam and Fleece

The puppets for the play this week are really coming together. I just wish they were finished.

With the play starting this Thursday, I really should have had these puppets ready to go for yesterday’s all day rehearsal. Alas, they were not. The two “human” puppets will be fully costumed and ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal and I’m hoping to get the monster done to send with my husband so they can use that too. There isn’t much worry from the director as the puppet scenes are rather short, so I suppose my freaking out over not having them ready yet was for nothing. Still, after seeing the last run through of the play, I now have a better idea of how large I really need to make the Id monster puppet and am hoping my plan works. It just needs to be so big! And with that size it means so much foam and so much fleece. Good thing I have so much leftover. Now, if only I knew where those feather boas were…

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