Monday, June 27, 2011

Board Games

Yesterday afternoon our friend PJaye came over and we were planning a Scrabble Death Match out on the deck. All would have been well had we known where our game of Scrabble was.

After moving, it seems as though we are only unpacking as needed. That is to say, whatever we are looking for. I know this seems highly inefficient, and you’d be right for thinking so, but without a handle on how long we will even be here or where life will take us next, priorities have been shifted. Unfortunately this also means most of my craft and quilting stuff is still in the garage in boxes. Most is organized, but I know if I’m looking for something and can’t find it there’s a good chance it is in the box marked “Random Shit from the Craft Room.” Yes, towards the end of packing I started getting lazy. I know, shocking.

Anyway, while searching for the box marked “Board Games” I came across a smaller one with that title. Needless to say these were not the games I was looking for. And so I continued my search and was quite clueless where they’d be, mostly because I didn’t pack them so I didn’t even know what kind of box I was looking for in the first place. Well, after I searched, my husband searched, and I did a second search underneath three heavy boxes of DVDs and Blu-rays and an old footlocker, I found it. Also needless to say, we’ve got a lot of stuff.

So we played our game, had some dinner and said our goodbyes. I don’t know what it is, but there is nothing like a good old fashioned board game to bring friends and family together, even though we only brought about half of our games over and are planning to garage sale the rest. Like I said earlier, we got a lot of stuff and what we have here isn’t even all of it. Why not dust off an old favorite family board game and play it tonight?

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