Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Carpet Game

Oh, how I despise carpet. Or maybe just the carpet in our house.

Old, dingy, once gray carpet that has seen better days throughout the house. Of course, those better days were eleven years ago when it was installed. I mean, it’s great that it really doesn’t matter how much more damage the carpets withstand while we are here because they will have to be replaced, and I completely understand his hesitance in replacing carpet while our landlord is renting out his house because, well, it’s his house he plans on moving back into. Honestly with Great Dane and two cats, it probably is for the best the carpets are in as sad of shape as they are.

So, what should we do? Live with them or get area rugs like our original plan? I guess the thing is that I like the idea of an area rug, just not the cost of one. And of course, once the cost isn’t an issue, it is finding one that we actually like, which, let’s be honest here, my husband and I can sometimes have differing views on decorating. After all, figuring that I pretty much hijacked the last house on choosing paint colors for the walls so I let him choose from a variety of neutrals, bought the paint, painted the walls, and he already wants to repaint some areas and we haven’t even finished painting all the rooms yet!

I’m thinking that, although the carpets are disgusting looking, they are clean. I’m also thinking that should the time come when we can afford to get an area rug that I’ll just pick one out based on colors or patterns we already have. I suppose they may not look so disgusting if I also vacuumed them once in a while too, huh?

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