Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gardening and the Garden

So this past week I’ve planted stuff, some here and some at the church. Frankly I’m disappointed in my efforts.

Here’s the thing, we moved from a place that we had built garden boxes into a place that had some already here, so you’d think that I’d have been able to plant stuff during the month we’ve been here in the new house. But no. It wasn’t until last weekend with the boys that I got any gardening done, and that goes for both here and the church’s community garden. Of course, Spring finally arrived just in time for Summer to officially start. We’ve had some serious rain issues all Winter and Spring that the ground has been too soggy, added to the cold air that has made it about ten degrees cooler than normal. Not good gardening weather.

So alas, we’ve got some stuff planted, mostly tomatoes, although I’m uncertain whether anything will come of them if we have a repeat of last Summer that barely felt like Spring except for a couple days. In any case, I’m just glad I got something planted, even if the boxes look ghetto. Of course, so does our chicken coop at the moment due to how we had to, er, notch out some decorative touches to fit it into the trailer we rented from U-Haul. Note to self, make sure that even though the measurements say they are six feet two inches wide on the inside that there aren’t any obstacles which actually make it less than six feet at the opening. I guess that’d be a nice note to leave U-Haul too so they can warn their customers.

The yard is another matter and will need a different kind of loving to get it into shape. One that I’m not too keen on delivering, so I think I’ll let my husband take care of that pet project. I’ll stick to getting the other two boxes planted with stuff once they’re prepped and make sure there is room for all our herbs in pots. I’m afraid to transport our sage as it is in bloom right now and almost five feet tall. I guess some casualties will have to be expected.

So much to do and so little inspiration. I guess I have got to work with what I’ve got, right? At least the front yard is a rock garden, but it is so overridden with weeds right now you’d be hardpressed to find rocks.

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