Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clowning Around

My husband is a clown. No, literally.

Today is one of the many parades involved in the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon, the Junior Rose Parade, and one in which he will be Roosevelt the Clown as part of the Rose Festival Clown Corps. The big deal is this Saturday in the Grand Floral Parade, the star attraction of the Rose Festival, where he will be walking the four-and-a-half mile route with other clowns. I think I might be involved somehow in this as well.

So, with all the clowning opportunities, this morning as I am making my coffee he asks me a favor. He asks if I can go to Starbucks and get coffee and a bazillion green straws and some paper lunch sacks at the grocery store in which it is contained. I declined on behalf of my wacked out hair and sleepiness because, well, I slept way too long this morning. Of course, now that I am drinking my coffee and blogging guilt is setting in.

Alas, it looks as though I will indeed be going to get more coffee and paying their outrageous fees and sneaking out a handful of straws in the process. Oh, the things we do for love, even if that love is a clown… and I’m desperately afraid of clowns.

1 comment:

  1. I am terrified of clowns to. People think it is weird. I think Greg is ok as a clown probably because I know him. But if I don't know the person I am deathly affraid.