Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pug and the Pig

While our good friends were out of town on a surprise birthday vacation for one of their four daughters, we’ve been watching their pug and guinea pig. This is their story.

Otto the One-Eyed Pug and our Great Dane, Lucy, have been best friends since they were wee puppies. They are only a few days apart in age as well. However, one thing to make known is that Otto has ulterior motives, or at least it would appear to be so anyway. It seems the entire time he’s been visiting they have been playing or, well, er, foreplaying. Part of me wonders what kind of babies they would make if they both weren’t fixed, but only part.

Lucy the guinea pig on the other hand is a completely different story. She hides out in her little blue house until I bring her some lettuces or peppers or carrots to eat. For some reason she doesn’t like apples. And yes, I’ve held her and pet her and she’s chirped her little guinea chirp, but I think she’s just old and cranky and prefers to be left alone most of the time now. So I did. I mean, I’d go into the boys’s room twice a day to feed and check up on her and pet her if she’d let me, but she just doesn’t have the same spunk she had last time she stayed with us.

Meanwhile I’m having the same thoughts I had last time Otto stayed with us in that Lucy, our dog not the pig, needs to have a brother. I just really wish we could afford another dog right now because I’ve never seen Lucy so happy and worn out as when Otto comes to visit.

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