Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dry mornings equal happy mornings. Especially where toddlers are involved.

I had my concerns, but against better judgment decided the boys were not wearing diapers or pull-ups to bed last night. It paid off. Of course, bribing with animal crackers in the morning if they are dry helps. Hey, I’m not at all above bribing when inappropriate urination is the possible alternative. Besides, it’s not like they are frosted or filled with lots of sugar and they love them.

Now, if only our weather could cooperate. It has been gorgeous here the last few days and I woke up this morning to sprinkles which are sure to turn into showers throughout the day. Oh well, thus is life. Hopefully it will rain while I’m at work and the sun will come out again once I am off. Alas, thus is not life. So I suppose I will take my blessings where I can get them, and a dry bed beats out a dry sky any day.

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