Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The boys are starting soccer soon, which means games and practices and dealing with unfocused children. Oh gawd, the boys are starting soccer soon.

When my husband decided to sign the kiddos up for soccer my initial reaction was if we could afford it and whether or not I’d even be able to go to any of the games with my work schedule being the way it is. Alas, no, we really couldn’t afford it, and hopefully if my schedule stays the way it has, I should be able to attend every game.

But here is the thing, I only think one of the boys is really interested in playing soccer. I mean, yes, the older boy has played before, but according to his mother he would wander the field aimlessly as if he was sleepwalking. The younger boy, based solely on our experience of kicking the ball around with him, seems to be a natural. He knows how to run with the ball and how to kick to other people in their direction and also has a ton of energy. Now, if we can just get him to remember that you can’t just pick up the ball and carry it to a better location to kick we’d be in great shape.

So we will see how things shape up. Tonight is the big meeting to introduce the coaches to the kids and parents, and hopefully the boys will be excited to play. If not, oh well. It will be something to do once a week for the next month and a half. But if they do enjoy playing, it will be one of the few sports I can actually play too. Of course, the only reason I played soccer as a kid was because my best friend played and any excuse to spend more time with him was welcome.

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