Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wet Bed

The boys have been having more frequent accidents the last few weeks. I’m not sure why, but it’d be great if they both didn’t have to do everything together!

So I woke up this morning and checked in on the boys to find a big yellow spot under the older boy. I just knew that there was a similar spot under the younger one because, well, that’s how they roll. It seems if one has an accident they both do. Unfortunately, even though they both were wearing rubber diapers, the mattress is soaked. An unhelpful search on the internet led to some stupid answers, so I decided it’d just be best to use baking soda. I debated over whether to also use vinegar, but figured the pee-puddles were not as big as they’d have been had the boys been wearing underwear so hopefully the baking soda will soak it up.

I’ve never had to deal with bed wetting with the boys before. Since we switched them from diapers to underwear they haven’t had any accidents in bed, but I’m sure all the changes they’ve gone through the last few weeks has obviously shaken their worlds. I mean, both their daddies and their mom moved into new places at the same time and right before that the older boy had a surgery to correct a herniated testicle during which he also was circumcised because the younger one will have to be for medical reasons and their mom wanted their penises to match.

I’m wondering if perhaps the bribing technique will have to once again be employed. Animal crackers did the trick rather quickly the first time, so I’m pretty sure they will once again. Of course, we need to get the kiddos more underwear anyway so maybe I’ll take advantage of that and let them choose what kind they want. Since they don’t divulge into the real issues behind wetting their pants, I hope incentives in place will at least prevent the preventable ones.

In the meantime I hope the baking soda does the trick. Perhaps a spritz of Febreeze after it dries and I vacuum it up will help prevent any odors from developing. Oy. It’s bad enough when the cat pees, which when she peed on that very mattress years ago took forever to remove. Hmmm… I wonder if there are any other tricks that don’t resort to gimmicky unitasker products for urine removal?


  1. you need to invest in some plastic mattress protectors, they are only a couple bucks, and you can get them just about anywhere. we did that with the younger foster kids we had, and the trick to keeping her from wetting the bed everynight, was to leave the light on, she was just scared of a strange place. hope it helps.

  2. Thanks for the rubber sheet advice, we've gone back and forth on that and have been lucky that this is their first accident. We do have a small lamp we use as a nightlight so they have light, I just honestly think it is just all the changes that happened at the same time in their lives that is the main culprit.

  3. I bought those sheets from Big Lots and they ripped within 6 months. The nicer vinyl sheets I put on my older sons bed lasted years. Hate having to clean it but it is one area of motherhood I'm very patient about since I gave my mother heck in that dept as well.