Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Thoughts

Yesterday could have been disastrous. Fortunately it wasn’t too crazy… considering the amount of sugar flowing through the boys’s veins!

We started the day with vomit. Okay, so really there was a few minutes between, “I’m thirsty” and regurgitated milk that had curdled and nearly turned to cheese. The little one apparently had a pretty upset stomach that went away after some morning cartoons and breakfast. After everyone was cleaned up and all the chores done and cakes frosted and new ones baked for a birthday party today, we had lunch.

Then it was off to my husband’s dad’s house, where they were surprisingly well behaved… until a few minutes later they were suddenly both hungry. I don’t know what came over them but they were bottomless pits yesterday! Once the boys had cleaned them out of bananas, strawberries and carrots, we had carrot cake and then left to go visit my dad at my stepmom’s parents house where they immediately attached themselves to my stepmom and didn’t let go! She was quite the trooper and played with them nearly the entire time we were there.

So the day didn’t go according to plan, but with kids does it ever? Of course, the plan was for the kids to simply find a corner and play with their Toy Story toys or color the coloring books, neither of which was in the cards for these very social and active munchkins. I’m just glad they didn’t break anyone’s valuables since we are incredibly poor right now and couldn’t afford to replace anything if it did get broken! And I’m also glad we got to introduce the boys to our dads.

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