Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creative Space

The craft room/office is coming together nicely. And by coming together, I mean not just a bunch of random boxes strewn throughout.

Yesterday my goal was to get the craft room/office in order so it could be better utilized than a room our female cat uses to hide from everybody and everything that isn’t us. With so many places to conceal herself it was the perfect place. However, we started putting stuff in place and the room is starting to take shape. Well, I mean, the room is square, which is a shape, but beginning to look like people use it for something other than storage.

After figuring placement for both of our filing cabinets (one ended up in the closet) I decided to bring in two of the four remaining bookcases from out of the garage. My plan was to use the large one for fabric storage and display and have my husband use the medium sized one for books and computer related stuff. He says he doesn’t need it, but we’ll see. I won’t complain if he doesn’t.

Setting up the entire room, according to calculations made in my head, should’ve only taken a couple hours. Alas, my brain’s calculator must be off. I will say it is nice to see that, once I started unpacking and refolding the fabric to fit onto the shelves in a somewhat orderly fashion, I realized I don’t have nearly as much as I thought I did. However, then the realization that there are still boxes and my old sewing bag with fabric in them too out in the garage I haven’t brought it. Of course, refolding takes a good amount of time to get all the various sized remnants and yardage into uniform widths for stacking, and I’m sure that is where a majority of my time was spent.

I still have to go through at least two more bags of quilting fabric and then almost all of my upholstery weight fabric before I begin working on the rest of the sewing space. I’m thinking it might be nice to bring in my canvas and denim from the garage too and maybe make some market bags like the one my friend Sarah gave me so I can replace the Crap-Mart reusable bags I end up taking to the grocery store quite embarrassingly. Okay, so if they indeed said Crap-Mart instead of The-Store-That-Must-Not-Be-Named I’d probably use them. Oh, so many ideas getting in the way of what I was setting up my sewing space up for originally! I must tell myself to stop thinking and start quilting.

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