Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cleaning and Quilting

My plans for the day include cleaning and quilting. Hmmm… I wonder which will take priority?

First off, I haven’t really done much cleaning since we moved in with the exception of the kitchen. I have yet to vacuum more than the dried remains of urine-filled baking soda and haven’t scrubbed the toilets or sinks in the bathrooms since the week before we moved. I’m admitting this because we’ve been here almost four weeks now and it is sinking in that we really need to start cleaning this place up, both inside and out.

So, what needs cleaning? Well, the floors need vacuumed since we have a long haired cat who leaves little clumps of hair everywhere. Funnily when I brush him with my hands I get nothing, but if he gets up from a nap there’s a ball of hair in his place. Seriously, the floor looks like a sagebrush covered desert. Showers, toilets and sinks need to be scrubbed; laundry needs washed and dried; dishes washed; cardboard boxes broken down. Outside the house requires some general yard maintenance, coop care, garden boxes put back together and the deck needs a good scrub down.

Now what needs quilting? I need to finish the baby blanket for my brother’s new baby since, well, he was born and they finally agreed on a name so I can embroider that onto the back of the quilt, sandwich, quilt and send it off to them before he graduates high school. And our pastor and his wife are having a baby and with the baby shower coming up I wanted to make their daughter-to-be a quilt as well. Nothing fancy, but probably using the original Lily & Will line from Moda, and probably in the pink colorway.

I suppose a list is in order. As much as I dislike lists because of their tidy arrangement of to-dos, alas I must confess that without them I stray too far from the original goals. I wonder if I can add grocery shopping to the list since we are out of practically everything? Then maybe a trip to the craft store or better yet the quilt shop…

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