Friday, June 24, 2011

The Two Towers

No, this isn’t a post about The Lord of the Rings. However, with all the drama involved it may as well be.

Here’s the deal, we have these two bookcases that were originally part of an entertainment center. When we replaced our twenty-seven-inch television with a fifty-inch television, the center section was, well, deemed useless. Oh, we kept it for a couple days, as the lower cabinet held all of our photo albums, but then it just became silly. So I did the only thing I thought we should do, which was dismantle the shelves and cabinet and placed the two towers on either side of the new TV.

While my husband never really liked the look of the two towers sitting next to the television in the fashion they were, he never really had an alternative for books and picture display so they stayed. Every time we redecorated (or attempted to) it always seemed the two towers were the first on the chopping block. We kept telling ourselves they were simply temporary until we could afford something better, but alas there never really was a time we could afford something better and at least for the foreseeable future that is going to be the case. Even when we moved, we debated moving them with us, but I said that with the lack of shelving in the garage that we were used to at the old house they would come in handy. He agreed. So they were packed into the U-Haul and moved into the garage where they sat with all the rest of our stuff for over a month until we finally decided our living room looked, well, naked.

So yesterday, while he was power washing the deck, I brought in the two towers and attempted to make them work here. While we no longer need the center section to hold a television, it would have been nice to have those shelves and the cabinet for storage. I’m regretting not keeping the pieces. Oh well, at least they are up and the room is beginning to look less naked. Now if only I could decide which of our artwork we should put on the walls…

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