Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is my day off. Naturally I’m working.

I’m not going to complain about it, but instead of packing up the last of our stuff we want to keep from the old house and bringing it over, I’m working. A coworker had to call in due to an emergency dental surgery and being only three of us receptionist and two working at a time, I’m it. It’s no big deal, as we could definitely use the money, and I did lose a day last week to go to a family reunion, so I’ll take it. However, I would like to finally rid myself of the abscess known as the old house.

The house was auctioned last Friday, and being no bidders, went back to the bank. Well, actually the bank said that the house had sold, but the trustee company said that nobody bid on it and the bank now owns it and we have twenty days to get our stuff out. To be honest, we got most of it already, with the exception of the garage sale contents and our tables, but really, were only interested in getting the tables and a few of the gardening chemicals from the pantry. And of course the deck boards, as we’ve decided to rip up the deck and take the wood for other projects. Oh, and some irises and a rosemary or two and a little tree in the front yard we planted a few years ago.

So instead it looks like work. I’m not sure if I’ll get a lunch today or not, and by that an unpaid lunch break rather than simply work and get paid to eat, in which I’ll be able to stop by the old house to help my husband with whatever I can. Honestly, I really want it to be the last day I have to go to that house. If the bank wanted it back so bad, now it’s theirs and they can have it.

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