Thursday, August 18, 2011


I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate an egg. Must be why we’ve given away so many lately.

Here’s the thing, I used to eat a lot of eggs. I mean alottalottalottalottalotta eggs. And then I started working, and I ate less. And then I started working mostly mornings, and I practically stopped. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with me not wanting to cook first thing in the morning, and the fact that I barely have time to scarf down a bowl of cereal before I have to leave for work. You can thank this blog for that, as writing seems to be the only thing that wakes my mind up for the day. Sorry coffee. You’re just there for moral support. Oh, how I love your moral support…

Anyway, eggs. Last year I think I ate eggs for breakfast or lunch at least every other day, if not every. I mean, after all, without much money and pets who lovingly give up their delicious ovas for consumption, how could I not? Now we have less money, even with food stamps and a practically fulltime job and yet I still can’t get myself to make eggs in the morning for breakfast once in a while.

Oy. Maybe it is just me still adjusting to this routine of work and kids and being so damned far away from most of my life. Or maybe I’m just lazy and don’t feel like cooking before going to work, coming home for lunch and cooking that, then coming home after work and cooking dinner. Cook, cook, cook. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m overthinking the whole situation, which, let’s face it, I do that a lot. I’m going to pour another cup of moral support now.

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  1. I like eggs too and they are good for ya...esp if you have pets supplying them! You should see if there is a breakfast casserole you can make ahead, freeze, and just zap in the microwave in the mornings...or maybe a microwave poacher??? A lot of times I will eat eggs for lunch just because, like you, I'm not much for cooking first thing in the AM.