Monday, August 8, 2011


Oh, the joys of returning home and being able to sleep in our bed! No offense, but camp bunks are uncomfortable as all get out.

It seems that practically anywhere we go or anyplace we stay, I find it difficult to sleep. My husband is the same way. Tossing, turning, slipping and sliding are just some of the adjectives I’d use to describe our not-so-peaceful slumber this past weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fantastic time at camp, but the bunks were, well, even with newer mattresses (and this word is used very lightly, mind you), just plain uncomfortable. I know this is the reason I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours each night and also why I drank three times my normal amount of coffee in the morning.

But now we are home, and with that, able to sleep in our bed. While at camp I felt a total refreshment of my mind and soul, but sometimes it is the simple things in life, such as a good night’s sleep, that really help to refresh the body.

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  1. We rotated our mattress last week and I slept so horribly that I rotated it back by myself last night. A king size memory foam-type mattress is HEAVY! But I slept so much better last night than I had since we rotated it. It's funny how just that made a big difference.