Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Day

Every weekend during the summer, my aunt and uncle have people over at their house to play in the pool and eat and chat. Yesterday was the first time we were able to bring the boys.

Scheduling conflicts prevented us from going to Family day most of this summer. Either it would be canceled from a conflict on their end or we’d not be able to go because of a conflict on our end. However, yesterday we finally got to take the boys swimming. Okay, by we, I mean my husband took them swimming while I safely watched from a distance. I swear they were in that pool from the time we got there until we had to leave, save every five minutes the younger one had to pee or while they ate dinner. Either the boy absorbs water like a sponge or he was drinking the pool water.

Everybody commented on how well behaved they were. I’m not sure if they were commenting because they were surprised at such a thing as well behaved boys or the fact that this was only the second time most of them had seen the kids, the first being a very crowded baby shower. And so we would thank them and say that indeed they were acting within the realm of acceptable behavior. Only one near temper tantrum over a half-eaten donut left on a plate that the oldest wanted to eat, but after explaining that it was somebody else’s he was fine and ready for sunscreen reapplication and more swimming.

I’m so glad we got to do something fun while we had the kiddos for the brief time we did this weekend. Being poor sucks, but at least we have family to keep us entertained.

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