Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sleep and Chocolate

When choosing between chocolate or being able to sleep, sometimes the decision can be difficult, especially when a delicious organic and fair trade dark chocolate presents itself. I chose chocolate and didn’t want to wake up this morning.

When I was younger I could chug a pot of coffee or eat a ton of chocolate and fall fast asleep without consequence. Now, however, it seems as though only a small amount can keep me awake anymore… except for when I want to be, of course. My relationship with caffeine has obviously changed.

So last night, after enjoying a third of a dark chocolate bar I got months ago and watching The Adventures of Merlin, I tried to sleep because I was still exhausted from the weekend at camp. Instead I slept a little and was awake for a little and that was the routine all night. Was it worth it? Yes. But we’ll see how well I fare at work today!

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