Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Empty House

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, some for the better and others for the worse. Honestly, I’m glad to have this part simply closed off.

My husband was planning on getting the remainder of our belongings from the old house yesterday, however they were no longer there. The locks were changed too. And here we thought when we were told we had until the eighteenth of August to get everything out that we had, well, until the eighteenth of August to get everything out. Not that we really left anything of value, but we intentionally left the curtains and rods up in the old house to help fend off looters. Needless to say, the looters turned out to be the very bank the house reverted back to.

It wasn’t a total loss, as we were still able to pull up the remaining deck boards and some irises, along with one of the rosemary’s and the little tree, even if the cleaning company took the pot I was going to transplant the tree and the old pond lining I was going to use for the rosemary. Honestly what I’m most upset about was the curtains and rod in the office because I was planning on putting them in the boys’s room, but oh well. Life goes on.

Now, when I was initially called by my husband to say that the house was cleaned out, everything was gone and the locks were changed, I was pissed. And rightfully so as we still had ten days to be out of the house. But then a sudden sense of relief came over me and it hit me; the house was no longer ours to worry about. For my husband, it took a trip to the church to walk the labyrinth and reading a quote from the lady whose memorial funds created the site on a plaque at the entrance, “Remember to forgive… forgiveness is the key.”

Life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad. Why waste your time on what you’ve lost when you can instead focus on what you still have?

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