Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organizing the Garage

Since I had yesterday off work, we took advantage of it by tackling the garage situation. It barely looks like we made a dent.

Surprisingly we accomplished a lot yesterday, my husband and I. Unfortunately one would be hard-pressed to figure out exactly what we got done. That is to say, we have a lot of stuff in the garage packed away in boxes, most of which will probably not be unpacked while we are living here. However, we were able to get all of the yard tools hung from hooks on the pegboard, organize all of my husband’s geek-boy modeling stuff onto the workbench he just made using the deck boards we salvaged from the old house and leftover construction materials from various indoor and outdoor projects, and put up the closet system from the old house above the washer and dryer for more shelved storage.

I’m certain that once we get the remaining stuff organized, either onto the two large shelving units or simply restacked, it will look much better. Currently the chaos is taking away from the glory. Alas, I suppose that if we really wanted to get it all done yesterday we could have, but the heat, both from outside and radiating from the gas-heated hot water tank made for less than comfortable working conditions. Or at least that is the excuse I’m using.

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