Monday, August 15, 2011

Mystery Hole

After church yesterday, my husband and I decided to work on the front yard. We didn’t expect to find a hole the size of an adult grave.

Okay, so truth is we knew there was a hole in the front where the landlord, back when he lived in the house, wanted to put in a pond. It never happened. However, I was not expecting a perfect rectangle six feet long, three feet wide and three feet deep. That to me is not a pond, but a perfect size hole to dispose of a body. Oh, and there was a snake in there too, but not a scary kind, except, of course, I’m scared of snakes, so even the biting worms known as garter snakes as it was kept me from picking it up and moving it along.

Anyway, this got me wondering about the original plan for the pond. I mean, typically they aren’t perfect rectangles unless they are also reflecting pools, right? I don’t know. I do know, however, that now that the mystery hole has been uncovered I really want to work on it. The cost would be minimal as it was covered with the lining, over plywood of course, and we already have an extra pump from years ago that we didn’t realize we still had until we were moving. Perhaps a weekend project is close by. Or maybe we should save it and uncover it again Halloween night with a tombstone at the head.

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