Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been a month and a half since I weeded the front yard. Perhaps it is time to do it again.

After I originally weeded the front yard I knew I didn’t get everything. There were a few plants I left because they didn’t look like any weeds I’d seen before, and living in the Northwest we have a lot of weeds, so I decided to leave them for another week or so. After about a month it became apparent that these are probably known as weed trees as they are now four feet tall with woody stalks and leafy fronds. Knowing my luck they are poisonous too, which means I probably should’ve taken them out when they were little. Of course the worst thing about weeding is the ever present dandelion. No matter your toiling to rid the yard of them, the persistent little buggers are, uh, persistent.

Then there are the million and one other things I need to do this week, like plan crafts for our all church camp this weekend, a Yellowstone National Park themed anniversary cake that somehow needs to be transported by the person who ordered it without the whole thing falling apart because the cake has to be refrigerated but my typical decorations cannot be refrigerated or else they’ll melt and somehow try not to make it onto Cake Wrecks in case the whole thing does become a puddly mess, on top of all of the regular life stuff. Something tells me I should be do some weeding in my life too. I know I say this a lot, but I really need to learn to say no more often, even if it is something I want to take on.

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