Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes setting goals for yourself is a good thing. At other times, however, it can set you up for failure.

Unless you are a goal oriented person, setting a goal for yourself isn’t going to do much good. I mean, not all of us are wired to be the best at something or win every game or become powerful, rich or successful. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be the best person we can be. For instance, I’m not particularly brilliant in any one area but I am pretty damn good at a lot of things, and I’m okay with that. Well, not completely okay with that.

If there was a way to actually make money doing something that I love to do that would be great, but I’m a horrible business person. A fair amount of the cakes I’ve done for people I have either lost money or barely broke even because of undercharging or having to take time off work to actually have the time to make the cake. This would be considered a failure by anyone’s standards.

But even a non-goal oriented person can benefit from setting goals, they just need to take a realistic approach to it. I don’t mean setting a goal that you are going to poop that day or anything mundane like that to make yourself feel like you accomplished something during the day and give yourself a sticker on a kiddie chart, but an actual achievable goal. Although, I guarantee that if I set that poop goal, I’d be constipated. No, I mean small goals that can be done and won’t take a whole lot of time. While I know the weather is supposed to be gorgeous again today, I still plan on setting a goal of finishing one quilt block. Then, maybe, I’ll go outside and attend to the chickens and the garden and the weeds and…

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